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L-AMINO ACID > L-Glutamic Acid

    L-Glutamic Acid

    Test Items Limit
    Molecular Structure

    A white,crystalline powder or Colorless crystals


    A. Specific optical rotation     

    B. IR          C. TLC  D.Color reaction

    Specific rotation [a]D20° +31.5° to  +32.5°
    Appearance of solution  clear  and  colorless
    Ninhydrin-positive Any impurity
    Substances not more than 0.5%
    Chloride(cl) not  more  than  0.020%
    Sulfate(SO4) not  more  than  0.030%
    Iron(Fe) not  more  than  10ppm
    Heavy  metals(Pb) not  more  than  10ppm
    Ammonium not  more  than  0.02%
    Loss  on  drying not more than  0.50%

    98.5%  to  100.5%


    3.0  to  3.5